RaisingHellPodcastLogo2Raising Hell is a discussion and education oriented podcast which takes an honest approach to promoting the individualist nature that Satanists are born with, and emboldening our own youth to rise above herd-conformity through responsible parenting.

By instilling in our children the critical thinking, self-awareness and infinite-self esteem of a Satanic mindset, we can ensure that we provide them with every opportunity to excel.  We endeavor to  spark a flame and stoke the fires of ingenuity, assisting them in creating their own Is To Be.

We are ever mindful to lead by example and to show our Little Devils that they must learn the self sufficiency of the iconoclasts and innovators before us. Our clarion call rings loudly throughout this existence, our world without end.

Stay Strong & Ever Forward!

Featured Episode:

R.H. Ep. XLVIII – April 12th, 2017 – Mastering Make-Believe

  1. What the Wild Things Think – Labels: Beautiful or Beastly? (27:30)

  2. What Would Josephine Do? – Chocolate Chip Boy (35:02)

  3. Mama’s Media – Until The Darkness Takes Us (48:30)

Available on iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and Facebook!

If you’re interested in checking out Nathan and Daniel’s latest album from the Nathan Gray Collective, Until the Darkness Takes Us, you can find them directly on NathanGrayCollective.com or you can connect with them on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Questions, comments or concerns? Email us at RaisingHellPodcast@gmail.com or call us at (920) 333-4355 and leave a message.

You can also record an audio clip and send it to our dropbox, and we’ll air it on the show! Raising Hell Dropbox 

For those seeking to further their knowledge of Satanism, I would direct you to the source at The Church of Satan.

*Please note, that while I am an active member, I do not speak for The Church of Satan. All official inquiries should be directed to the Central Administration Office found at this link; Contact The Church of Satan*


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